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Aleister Crowley - Emblems And Mode Of Use

Aleister Crowley - Emblems And Mode Of Use

About Aleister Crowley;
Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) created a tradition known as Thelema, which is a spiritual or religious system centered around ideas of freedom and personal growth.

Introduction to Crowley (in Five Voices)by Tim Maroney

Baphomet XIx
Emblems and Mode of Use

Magick Cap. XII. The "initiated interpretation" in footnote 4
on that page is nonsense - dust in the
eyes of the profane. See
also Liber Astarte (CLXXV) pp. 390 - 404
for hints as to how to
acquire the mental state necessary to prepare for the work.
for the same reason, Liber Capricorni
Pneumatici (A'Ash CCCLXX)

pp. 432 - 434 and Liber Cheth velVallum Abiegni
(CLVI) pp. 430 -

431. But it all adds up to "inflame thyself in praying".

Emblem I: The Egg

This is said to be laid by the White
Eagle, whose number is (in this case I suppose) 156. Its vehicle
or menstruum is what the Alchemists call the Gluten. It may be
fertilized by any kind of "Serpent". The hatching and subsequent career will
depend on the original energy, the right ordering of the surrounding
circumstances, and so on. But you get nothing at all, or something
you don't want at all (because the Egg, ill cared for, can collect
a poisonous "Serpent" from hostile and malignant elements)
unless you are extremely careful to get the "Magickal Link" properly
formed and guarded.
See Magick Cap. XIV pp 106 - 122.

Emblem II:
The Serpent

This is the principle of immortality, the
self renewal through
incarnation, of persistant will, inherent
in the "Red Lion" who
is, of course, the operator. It is said to swim in
the "Blood of
the Red Lion". The lion must determine
what kind of serpent he
needs as a vehicle of the particular Will demanded by the proposed
operation. It must, of course, be a necessary element of his total
"True Will"; and otherwise, there would
be an eternal conflict
between the part and the whole; the operation would
be a failure
or worse {e.g. if you did an operation to harm Smith, it would
fail and reflect on yourself; because deeper than any personal
antagonism, you are sworn brothers in the O.T.O.} The properly
trained and vitalized
serpent is found
in the acts of

Concentration upon the
Object of Operation
preliminary to starting: that is, to impose the image
of your particular Will
upon the actually existing physical serpents which you possess,
eager to reproduce and manifest the image of your Will {Their
"natural" Will is of course, to continue their "lion" through the
"floods", [i.e. the fertilization of a suitable "egg" will
appear as the original Lion modified by that particular
Eagle, or as an Eagle similarly contituted.] But the
technique of the Operation prevents (or should prevent) this issue;
so, as the Will to Create
and Transmit cannot be baulked - Law of the Conservation of Energy
- the material bases of the Operation are prepared to produce
the Image of the Will impressed upon them by the
preliminary studies and practices by bringing to pass the Object of the
Conditions of the Operation

Both Lion and Eagle must be robust, in good health (as a rule; but

a sick Lion can often heal
himself) overflowing with energy,

magnetically attracted to
one another,
and in absolute

understanding harmony about the object of the operation. {Note: It

is possible, and unfortunately often necessary, to employ an Eagle

altogether ignorant of the theory, or even what is
being done. I

have found this works perfectly; indeed, when the Eagle is

a thousand difficulties crop up. It is horrifyingly
rare to find

an Eagle genuinely capable of initiated cooperation. the late

told me he had found perfection twice in his whole life! Even

the result was bad, causing violent reaction of antipathy! I

been more fortunate.} There should be no worries of

the current of thought should flow freely
and forcibly towards

attainment of the object. And then "Inflame thyself in praying".

The Operation Proper

As the actual work proceeds, the mind-will must be
directed more

and more intensly towards the object of
the operation. Physical

phenomena, obviously with constantly increasing
insistance, will

do their utmost to
attract the attention of
the operators

themselves. It is of absolute necessity
for the success of the

work that at the last moment - which may be
prolonged to several

minutes ! - when the intensity of the
conflict between physical

stress produces (as it should,
of course, when there
is no

question of conscious achievement) a complete "Black-Out".

When the Ego-consciousness itself is
abolished, the Will should

still continue to create, stopping only when "The blood of the Red

Lion is one with the Gluten of the White Eagle"; and the "Serpent"

and the "Egg"
have fused completely. The result of this
fusion is

called the Elixir - and numerous other
names, e.g. the Stone

the Philosophers,
the Medicine of Metals,
etc., especially the


Perfect simultaneity between the Lion
and the Eagle is

To assist this very difficult work the
use of a mantra, either

universal (like A Ka Dua - or Aum Mane Padme Hum) or suited to the

objects of the working, is often
valuable. e.g. in the Paris

Working, the verses
were composed specifically in

"Jungiter in vati vates: rex
inclyte hermes to venius,

verba nefanda ferens" In English: "Behold! the Priest is joined to

the Priest: illustrious king of the Staff (Wand, Caduceus)

thou come, Hermes,
bearing unutterable words!" (*perhaps forbidden

is a better translation.)

There is one further point. The Lion must be enraged before he can

cope with the Eagle,
and during this process
it is quite

impossible to think of the ceremony. To do so would stop the whole

process, whose beginning may be announced by the prayer " Accendat

in nobis, Dominus ignem sui amoris et flamman aeternae caritatis".

In English: "May the lord kindle in us
the Fire of his Love and

the flame of eternal charity!" (This last word here has a
special technical meaning). See Magickpp 325 -326. this sentence is the signal to forget altogether the purpose of the whole operation.
But immediately that all things are ready, the apparatus in the proper position, the Mantra
and the contest between the Creative Will and the physical phenomena should begin. Success depends largely on the smartness and completeness of this control.

The Elixir

This being thus duly prepared, it must be administered as follows:
The Lion must collect it - the best method is by suction, so as to
avoid waste, and share it with the Eagle. It should be absorbed by
the mucous membrane. A portion is reserved and placed in physical
contact with the magickal link, or with a talisman specially
prepared for the Operation, & consecrated accordingly. At the
very least, some suitable symbol. e.g. of you
are making an opus for $$, smear the Elixir on a gold coin, or ring;
if for health, touch the bare earth, or the patient with it. In any case, be careful to consume it by absorbtion; for it restores with interest any virtue that may have been expended in the work itself. The effect of any opus aught to be refreshing; if not, error somewhere.

Read Judges, Sampson's riddle: "What is
sweeter than honey, and

stronger than a Lion?" Here bees - identical symbolically with the

Eagle swarm in the carcass of the Lion slain by Sampson. But

Lion is
our "Serpent"
and Sampson our
"Red Lion". A strange and

potent sweetness characterizes the Elixir when properly

See also Liber 333 Cap. 36; Magick
p. 328; St. John's Gospel,

Chap. 4:13 - 16, 31 - 32; Chap. 6:27 and 48-58; First

10:1- 4, 16 - 17, 11:23 - 30. Also Little essays towards truth pp.

70 - 74. This last is important - this mode of work must
never be

used except as a sacrament; if you do, all kinds of horrid

can get hold of you through the
undetermined, unuarded, wasted


You must
prepare the Quintessence
on every occasion.

This is the freat danger; hence the
universal insistance of all

magi upon the Virtue which gives its title to this "Little

above mentioned.

That should be enough: some of it
sounds hard, but work on it

constantly, and there is no limit to your possible success.

Links; Aleister Crowley - The Biography Project Aleister

Occult.Ordo Templi


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Awake! Awake from your unexpected hypnotic sleep, rise to
awareness and conscience!

Gurdjeff foto from 1949

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson - This book is Gurdjieff’s magnum opus. Gurdjieff is qouted as having said the following about this series:- “I had decided with the contents of the first series of books to achieve the destruction, in the consciousness and feelings of people, of deep-rooted convictions which in my opinion are false and quite contradictory to reality.”

Gurdjieff’s friendly advice is to read each of his written expositions at least thrice. Further advice is provided from an excerpt of a talk in which Gurdjieff comments on the relationship between attention and understanding when reading Beelzebub’s Tales. Born
in the border area of Russia and Turkey under the name George
Ivanovitch Gurdjieff. His birthdate is unknown - he passed away in the
year 1949.

between 1866 and 1877 .
Gurdjeff was an icon of Mysticism and Spirituality and an immensely
enigmatic personality in the early part of the Twentieth Century. There
is little otherwise known of his origins and his early life.

“There do exist enquiring minds, which long for
the truth of the heart, seek it, strive to solve the problems set by
life, try to penetrate to the essence of things and phenomena and to
penetrate into themselves. If a man reasons and thinks soundly, no
matter which path he follows in solving these problems, he must
inevitably arrive back at himself, and begin with the solution of the
problem of what he is himself and what his place is in the world around

G. I. Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff used to
make up stories and people. Nevertheless, he reputedly took
several journeys
through Asia and Northern Africa, where he discovered many different
esoteric schools,
many of these were Sufi Orders.
He made his return to the European Continent at the beginning
of the 20th Century.He brought the knowledge back with
with his own personal teachings based on the realizations and lessons
he had learnt on his travels.
Gurdjeff began teaching his philosophy in Russia
(Moscow & St. Petersburg). In the year 1918, he was forced to
leave Russia (the Revolution had begun).Gurdjeff journeyed to France,but not without undertaking an adventure with some of his students
before reaching France. In 1933, Gurdjeff founded the "Institute for the
Harmonious Development of Mankind" . Gurdjieff moved to Paris, continuing to teach until his death came in 1949. Between the years 1924 and 1927, Gurdjeff composed many essays. Also, together with composer/pianist Thomas de Hartmann, Gurdjieff created many works for piano.They were mostly based upon his spiritual and musical impressions from his Asian adventures.I had
a very difficult and trying time with this music. Mr Gurdjieff
sometimes whistled or played on the piano with one finger a
very complicated sort of melody—as are all Eastern melodies, although they
seem at first to be monotonous. To grasp this melody,
to transcribe it in European notation, required a tour de force."
(Thomas de Hartmann).

Gurdjieff's teachings includes various
jewels of spiritual and mystical wisdom from the teachings of Sufism,
Buddhism, Christianity, Gnosis, Zoroastrism and the Cabbala. His summons was radical: "Awake! Awake from your unexpected hypnotic sleep, rise to awareness and conscience!" Exactly this call is one of the most important foundations of Sufism. In 1920, Gurdjieff moved into an Istanbul apartment together with his pupil and musical partner, Thomas de Hartmann, which lay in direct neighbourhood to the Mevlevi Dervishes' meeting hall in the quarter of Galata. Almost every day they witnessed this Sufi order's ritual of music and dance, and
thus absorbed decisive spiritual and musical impressions that later became part of their ritual choreographies and piano compositions.

Famous Quotes from

Man cannot, and will not, face reality”

A "sin" is something
which is not necessary.
A man will renounce any
pleasures you like but he will not give up his suffering.
Every ceremony or rite
has a value if it is performed without alteration. A ceremony is a book
in which a great deal is written. Anyone
who understands can read
it. One rite often contains more than a hundred books.
If you want to lose your
faith, make friends with a priest.
In properly organized
groups no faith is required; what is required is simply a little trust
and even that only for a little while, for the sooner
a man begins to verify
all he hears the better it is for him.
It is the greatest
mistake to think that man is always one and the same. A man is never
the same for long. He is continually changing. He seldom remains the same
even for half an hour.
Religion is doing; a man
does not merely think his religion or feel it, he "lives" his religion
as much as he is able, otherwise it is not religion
but fantasy or
Without self knowledge,
without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man
cannot be free, he cannot govern himself
and he will always remain
a slave.
G. I. Gurdjieff

Noted Info Sources:-

Friday, May 23, 2008

21st of December 2012
This day is the purported date of the End of the World as we know it.
It is prophecied in the mayan Calendar.
The Sumerians knew of it too.
Current rumours of the New World Order Conspiracy and the coming of Planet x (Nibiru, as it was called by the Sumerians) is incrementing the attention that is being attracted to the 2012 Doomsday prophecy.
Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide planet x  2012

That we are being visited is becoming more and more evident, this is certain, and both Photografic evidence and video footage is being leaked through to the public at an astounding rate since the advent of you tube dot com.
Below is an amazing sequence of clips made by the camera behind the space shuttle.
The phenomaena that occur are devastatingly convincing. I personally have seen "spirit orbs" and photographed them. The way the orbs behave is exactly the same manner as that which i have seen myself, which convinces me all the lore of the authenticity of this video.

The Return of Planet-X: Wormwood nibiru - planet x

The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities Planet X and 2012 prophecy

Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles crop circles mystery
One must consider all aspects of the events occurring
You tube has a myriad of videoclips of different documentaries on the subject.

Surviving 2012 and Planet X - Part 1 of 5: The Threat

Part 2

We are definitely being visited in My Opinion though, whatever the case with Nibiru..
below is a video which shows orbs up to a mile and a half wide in formation and behaving exactly as i myself have seen orbs behave, which mekes the video all the more convincing for me.
It was taken from the back of NASA's space shuttle, and portrays a cluster of ufos that enter the field of vision of the camera and perform a show of lights after which they approach the atmosphere and hang in the vicinity of some large electric storms, which they follow.

Links to Related Websites

Planet X,
Nibiru, Ancient Astronauts, NASA, UFO's

Modern science confirms ancient knowledge. Sumerian descriptions of
Ancient Astronauts, DNA confirms Sumerian history, the search for Plant
X/Nibiru, ...

No Planet X | Universe Today

Apparently, Planet X (aka Nibiru) was spotted by
astronomers in the early 1980's in the outermost reaches of the Solar
System. It has been tracked by.

- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In astronomy, Planet X is a large hypothetical planet
beyond Neptune. It was postulated to explain apparent discrepancies in
the orbits of the gas giants, ...

Planet X
Video - Planet X Nibiru

Jason Martell is a websmaster who links Planet X to
Zecharia Sitchin's Nibiru. ... Cody joins us now to
discuss theories on Planet X and the Anunnaki. ...

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Levitation is a phenomenon that has never been either proved nor disproved.
I personally would like to believe that it is possible, but tend to think that there are still no recorded cases of a human being having performed this feat (except for unproven instances).The video of an African shaman levitating below is reputedly legitimate.I think that the shaman seems to be hanging from something more than to be supported.I feel that his feet hang down which would not happen if he had a force from below pushing him.I may be wrong though, as the forces being applied by the witch doctor may use a "pulling" force from above to lift him.
Many people have claimed to have mastered levitation over the years, but till now i have never seen a convincing example.
If there was a real Levitating master then i think it would have been recorded already.
This does not mean that levitation is not possible, rather that no Human has yet managed to master the technique/ability.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Buddhist Amulets

Buddhist Amulets in Thailand are an extremely widespread phenomenon. Amulets
made from all sorts of different materials and compositions are to be
encountered. Amulets are made according to Ancient Buddhist Traditional
Amulet recipes and formulas; created by both Buddhist Monks in
Thailands Theravada Temples, and also by Laymen and Brahmin Masters.

The different forms of Amulets in Thailand
are so many that on-one really knows how many different editions and
types there really are in existence.Amulet Markets are to be found in
almost every district of every town in Thailand, apart from the fact
that most Thai Buddhist Temples create and "rent" (one never uses the term "buy" for an Amulet in Thai Buddhism) Amulets to faithful disciples.

Some of the various forms of Amulets & Buddhist Charms are;
  1. Cement (พระผง) Buddha Amulets (natural ingredients are used to create a cement like substance, which is hardened into the desired consistency).
  2. Monk Coins (เหรียนพระ); made from various pure or mixed Metals
  3. Magic Charms in various forms, such as; Thagrud (ตะกรุด) Yant, or Yantra if you prefer, which are inscribed on various mediums, such as metal leaf, cloth, ivory, wild boar's tusks etc.
  4. Magical weapons, such as Vajra (วัชิระ ), Anti-Ghost Knives (มีดหมอ), clubs (กระบอง).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saint Germain the Alchemist

"Saint Germain - the man who never dies and knows everything"

Saint Germain is almost undisputably the most famous Alchemist
the History of Mankind. A genius who mastered a multitude of Arts.
Allegedly, Count Saint Germain (Comte de Saint-Germain) was born in the year 1561 a.d. (died February 27, 1784)

Comte de Saint-Germain mastered all the major Languages of European Continent before reaching Adulthood.He was renowned as an excellent musician playing the violin, and also was a well reputed master when it came to swordsmanship.Also a gifted painter and an accomplished musical conductor.It was commonly accepted that he was indeed a Master Alchemist.

He studied herbalism and natural healing methods to the point of Mastery (it is believed by some that the reson for St Germain's long lifespan was due to his knowledge of magickal herbs).

It is evident from the records that he was also an extremely wealthy person.
It is a mystery (due to no recorded evidence) how he came to aquire his extreme wealth though.

Amongst his personal friends were tobe found; European heads of state, many great Philosophers of the current time as well as prominent figures such as Rousseau and Voltaire

St. Germain never affirmed or made public his origins, background or identity.
This cause society to make a lot of speculations about his ancestry.

Rumours of him being the son of Francis II Rakoczi (Prince of Trasylvania), or that he was the unadmitted son of Maria Anna of Pfalz-Neuburg (bereaved wife of King Carlos II of Spain)

Links to Alchemy and Saint Germain related websites

Parephernalia/Ritual equipment

St. Germain

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Buddhist & Animist Amulets and Charms

Thai Buddhist Amulets and Charms


Thai Buddhists and Animists, along with Brahmins all have the belief in "Saiyasart". Otheriwse knowns as "Saiyawaes" the word "Waes" meaning the same as the word "Veda". The Vedas were discovered by the Ruesi, or "Rishi" or otherwise called "Lersi". The first generation of ruesi practised self control and renunciation; they meditated until they were able to perceive the higher realms and listen to the "Dtaewadtaa" (Thai), or "Deva" (Sanskrit).They recorded the magical hymns and psalms and wrote them down as "The Vedas". The Vedas is one of Hindu/Brahmin Philosophy's great Sacred Works, easily comparable to the Bible of Christianity.

Por Gae Thai fai Ruesi of 100 years ago in Thailand

The word Waes in Thai means something similar to a magickal spell.

One one of the ways to cast such a Spell is to chant a "Kata",
A Kata is a Magick chant or "Mantra-like" invocation/evocation which imports a magickal effect on the object/person targeted.

Most practitioners of Sayawaes/Saiyasart believe in the power of Kata Aakom (AAkom means magickal), and use them in various ways for a myriad of purposes.

Ruesi Tha Fai - Por Gae

The Ruesi also created Yantras, sacred geometrical designs with Kata inscribed within them.
The majoroty of these Kata are Buddhist in Orientation, but have incorporated many aspects of shamanism, Brahminism and local Animist beliefs and practises.

diamond armour yantra

Above pic; Diamond Armour Yantra - created by Hlwong Por Parn as a magic protection for all lifetimes.Hlwong Por Parn was abbot of Wat Bang Nom Kho (วัดบางนมโค) temple
The Yantra was reputed to have appeared to him in a dream.Later he discovered the Yant on a metal plate concealed in a Chedi (relics shrine where bones of master monks are kept).

Por Gae Ruesi Dta Fai is related to the Deva "Pra Isworn" (Thai), otherwise known in India and the Western world as Shiva, the Supreme Ruesi and one of the three main Deities (Devas) in the Brahmin Faith (Hindu).


Above pic; Shiva, or "Pra Isworn" (Thai style depiction).This kind of depiction is from the Ramakian, Thai adaptation of the Hindu Ramayana Epic.

  1. Different Amulets & Charms

    There are various categories of Magick charms and protective amulets made in the Thai Buddhist and Animist belief systems.
    Cement and herbal based amulets.
    metal coin/medallion amulets
    Bia Gae
    Luuk Om
    Phalad Khig
    Pha Yant
    Sak yant
    Gumarn Tong

    Pic left; Cement Amulet

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crop Circles

Crop Circles

Spirit Guides, Aliens or Hoax?

The Crop Circle Phenomenon

The Phenomenon of Crop circles has stirred interest all over the world since a staggering increase in the number of circle appearing has occurred.Crop circles tend to be constructed under cover of nightfall, leaving many people baffled as to what the cause is and who the makers are

Makers of Crop Circles

The Makers of the crop circles is a complete mystery, with a series of varying theories being presented, both sceptical, scientific and magickal

The Crabwood Cropcircle

The Crabwood Cropcircle is maybe the most baffling and also famous of all cropcircles.It contains a message in Binary code.

Picture Source;

Binary Code message in the crabwood crop circle

The message was deciphered to read the following message;

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION.


The following article was published on YOWUSA.COM in tells about a program available to ca;lculate binary messages in english and translate them into binary code for making crop circles

September 2004

Maurice Osborn's 2004 Contact Attempt

A soft-spoken software developer, Maurice Osborn has created a software program to design digital messages based on the protocol suggested by the 2002 Crabwood formation using the Sagan Continuation Project contact message. He then used that message plus a secret verifier to construct a man-made crop circle in England, this last August. His effort represents a significant milestone in the history of crop circle research, because no institution or government funds his efforts. The message he sent to the stars last August with the help of many volunteers in both England and America, is every bit as sophisticated as the 1974 message, astronomer Carl Sagan beamed into space using the powerful (and expensive) Arecibo telescope.


Varied forms - messages?

Crop Circles appear in various manifestations.

The massive number of different shapes and level of complexity of these crop circles is amazing.are they messagesM perhaps astrological or astronomical indicationsM explanations of nature and the Universe? Ancient Gods or Alien Intelligences?.Or is it a worldly phenomenon or perhaps secret Government operations?
.Does the Mayan Prophecy of the cataclysm of 2012 and the imminent threat of Planet X (Nibiru) and the alleged underground alien bases and U.S. secret construction projects under the surface of the Earth have any connection?

Planet X - the coming of Nibiru and the Nephilim

eye in pyramid crop circle

crop circle

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