Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This clip below is of Thai "hypnotist" Win He likes to seek our potential unknowing victims on the street and turn them into "living sculptures.

คลิป สะกดจิตคนให้เป็นรูปปั้น - romeo & juliet จาก

His method is unclear, due to the fact that he needs not to whisper in the ear of the subject ( a common technique used in hypnosis). The way he subdues the victim and the speed with which he acheives a result is worthy of study. This technique however, should not be abused, as Win does (he warns not his victime, rather subdues immediately on his first approach.
Watch how efficient he is.
Comin soon; Explanation of the hypnosis technique, and application methods. This method of hypnosis is not scientific, it is Occult. It is necessary to develop the ability to channel the will within ones own body, and transfer the energy through ones hand into the other person.
Win himself, is able to make his own heart stop.This reveals part of the nature of his power and technique.
Of course, it doesnt work always, as seen below. Some people have resistant minds.

คลิป สะกดจิตคนให้เป็นรูปปั้น - แต่อันนี้เล่นพลาด! จาก

Many people of course might find this young man to be a simple magic trick practitioner.. so let us observe a much older documentation from an old top secret KGB experiment in Prarapsychology and Telekinesis that was filmed.

คลิป พลังจิต สายลับ KGB แห่ง รัสเซีย ใช้ พลังจิต จาก

Whilst we are observing real telekinetic annd psychic abilities, lets also look at how impossible some of the showbiz Magic Tricksters' stunts seem to be. Below, World famous stuntman and magician, Criss Angel, being set on fire and after walking aorund in flames for the crowd and then falling to the floor to be extiguished by hos team of assistants, appears spraying himself as an assistant. How does he manage this trickwith scientific method?
The trick must lie in the smokescreen caused by the fire extiguishers as he falls to the floor. This artist has also walked on water and on air between two buildings inbroad daylight with no apperent visible way of supporting himself. This either proves that almost anything is simulable, or that he has real psychic powers and does not reveal it. Criss is forbidden from playing any lotteries or gambling.

คลิป มายากล Criss Angel เล่นกับไฟ จาก

If you are not squeamish the you can observe in the below clip of Criss Angel how a coin with a witness' signature is swallowed and transported through his body down his arm, to be removed from Crisses wrist after making an incision with a scalpel. A rather radical variation to the signed card trick.

คลิป มายากล Criss Angel กับกลเหรียญ จาก

Monday, October 6, 2008

Western Occultism is an extremely extensive foundation of Knowledge - let us not forget that most forms of Western Occultism are derived form ancien Eastern Philosophies and Practises.

One matter that tends to make Western Occult practise imperfect and unproductive to the development of the spirit and counsciousness towards becomeing a higher form of cosmic intelligence is due to two facts/principles;

1. Most goals for magickal practise are aimed at a physical or temporary result to increase ones wellbeing in this particular realm and incarnation.

2.The Practicant of Occultism does not understand his condition nor does he understand the nature of the forces he is attempting to control/direct

belwo is a formula from the Bhuddha which explains our condition and can be used as a tool to awaken e higher state of being that is betond the fetters of suffering as we know it in the human condition. It also serves to aid us in knowing what results/goals we may wish to attempt to manifest

The last words of the Buddha before dying were;

'Disciples, this I declare to you: All conditioned things are subject to disintegration - strive on untiringly for your liberation.' (Mahāparinibbāna Sutta)

The prayer to investigate the nature of our condition;

  • Sappae
    Sangkhaaraa Anijjaa
    (emotions rections and
    experiences are uncertain and impermanent)

  • Sappae
    Sangkhara Tugkhaa
    (all those aforementioned
    phenomena of feelings reactions and experiences are; mind, shape body
    and forms which have or bring suffering as their nature) [we suffer for
    the pleasant things when they are gone, and the unpleasant events wehen
    they arrive therefore pleasure, love psessions, our health our body our
    wife etc are suffering in the end] ]

  • Sappae
    Tammaa Anadtaa
    (all things in Nature
    [evrrything], is empty of a permanent self or quality [the "HOT" coals
    are eventually not hot anymore.. the "king of a country is eventually
    no longer king, the "empire" is eventually lost in the annals of
    history etc] no thing can be considered to be "that is me" or This is
    mine.. nothing has a permanent quality to it and is therefore
    impermanent/empty of permanent nature)

  • Atuwang
    (Life is uncertain [not

  • Tuwang
    (Death is certain)

  • Awassang
    mayaa maridtapang
    (Our death is certain)

  • Maranabariyoesangmae
    (we must all meet with Death

  • Cheewitang
    Mae Aniyadtang
    (our Lives are uncertain in

  • Maranang
    mae niyadtang
    (OUr deaths are definite and

  • Wadta
    (This should be taken notice of and thought about)

  • Ayang
    (0this body)

  • Ajirang
    (Is only here for a short time)

  • Ubedtawinyaanoe Chuttoe (as soon as it is without an
    inhabiting spirit and has been thrown away)

  • Atisedsati
    (it falls and lays on the floor)

  • Galingkarang
    (like a log or bracken)

  • Niradthang
    (becoming a useless thing )

  • Anijjaa
    Wadta Sangkharaa
    (all "Sangkhara"
    [phenomaena such as emocions, feelings opinions reactions and
    experiences] are impermanent and transitory[everchanging])

  • Ubaatawayatamminoe
    ( they come into existence and fade away - such is their nature)

  • Dtaesang
    Wuubasamoe Sugkhoe
    (the extinguishing of
    such "sangkharas" [experiential phenomaena] is peace and bliss!)

  • Tugkhang
    Anijjang Anattaa
    (Sufferings are temporary
    and empty of permanence and any certain definite nature/qualities)

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