Sunday, August 17, 2008

100s of Orbs descending

I just had to post this clip because of having seen (and fotographed) this phenomenon on a much lesser scale a few years ago.
After seeing the videoclip of the Orbs creating crop circles near Oliver'
s Castle in Wiltshire, this clip and many others have arisen to confirm the theory.
Are these Elementals? Extraterrestrials? Droids? Or Angelic/Galactic Intelligences.
From the point of view seen in my Universe, the words "Angelic" and "Galactic" are synonymous to one another, and thus present no disputes.
Swarm of Angelic Beings fly out of the Clouds

Are these what the Prophet Ezekiel saw?
Are these the "Wimanas" (flying discs) spoken of in the Vedas of the Hindus??

I shall be expanding on this post with some more evidence within the next days, so please return to review the page again later.
I don''t think we shall be able to film these phenomena much longer because of the "Chemtrails" and "Haarp" theories (that we bare being sprayed with cloud forming chemicals to reach 2 goals - 1. infect us with control agents, 2. cloud the skies to hide the activities that the government and the UFOs are having together when the alien ships come from space.Haarp is a secret weapon of the US military and Navy. It uses an electromagnetic force field to do many things such as weather control, mass mind control, cloud forming, and deflection and destruction of enemy missiles/craft dfrom space.Blocking human communications on a Continental level is also another application of the Haarp weapon.
watch clip below.

Proof of Haarp in Action??

Harp stands for "Hyper Frequency Active Auroral Research project". Its Official description is "an Instrument for studying the Ionosphere".
"Ionospheric heater" or "ionospheric Radiation instrument", or "I.R.I."
There are already many I.R.I. in existence, but they are by far the inferior to Haarp when it comes to the massive amount of pressure in Billions of Watts that Haarp can generate. It can use this power to heat the atmosphere in the region about 150 miles above the surface of the Earth!
The only real density to be found in the Earth's atmosphere is below the 30 mile level of altitude, whereas the Ionosphere is the extremely thin layer above that that filters the deadly radiation out from the atmosphere and enables us to exist here as life forms. Normally the two layers do not interact as a rule. If a disturbance was caused it could cause a radical and rapid change in the weather conditions of that area.
Apart from being used to cause changes in the weather (such as rapid cloud formations obscuring the sky),
Haarp is also designed to be able to make a plasma shield in the ionospher blocking any attacks and also any wireless, tele/radio/sat communications in the area.

What is Haarp??

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