Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recently there has been some confusion and questions from the Public about the strange objects and "man-made" looking things that have begun to
appear in many of the satellite Photos from the surface of Mars that have been released recently. Even an immensely clear foto of a what seems to be a
humanoid face gazing up at the sky from the surface etched into the rock surface of the Red Planet.
Is it possible that Mars was once, or even still is, Inhabited. If there was once life there, then where have they gone to? what happened to them?
Were they destroyed, or are the signs left on Mars a message from our Cosmic Forefathers, to guide us in making the right steps and deducing the way

to follow them to whatever Dimension they have chosen to go to?
So many different Theories do we Humans have about these matters. Are they just hopes that we have some kind of importance for Greater, more
highly Advanced Beings?. Are the Mayan and Sumerian Nibiru prophecies true? The beings who may visit our world in 2012 Benevolent? or Malevolent? - if the purported messages transmitted by "chanelling" from the "Pleadians" are correct, then it can be supposed that the "Anunnaki" are Reptilian beings that will come to tell us that they Created us. The Pleadians insist that this is not true, and that we should be dubious and follow our own instincts as to what we are.
Do the Planet-X/Nibiru theories and the Phaenomena on the surface of Mars have anything in connection?
I would say, Yes, if there is any truth in the theories then the objects and Artefacts seen in Photos of the Mars Planetary surface definitely have some connection.
Gigantic Deep Holes On Mars Surface

These holes that appear on the you tube clip above, are estimated to be bigger than a football field, and so deep that no sunlight penetrates into them at all!
The images were captured by the High Rise instrument on board the reconnaisance orbiter circling Mars. Originally, it was first indentified and documented with low-res fotos were first made by the Oddysee spacecraft.

Faces on the Surface of Mars?
Known as the Cedonia Face, this was part of the search for potential landing sites for Viking Lander 2.
On 25 July, 1976, Viking photographed a region of buttes and mesas in the region of the escarpment that separates heavily cratered highlands in the south from low lying, relatively crater-free, flatlands in the north.Of all the hills Photographed, there was one hill that resembled a face to the Viking investigators looking at these images to find landing sites. Due to the importance of the landing site search, and also the a need to provide the public with at least one familiar-looking landform amid the craters and unearthly terrain forms found on Mars, an image including the face-like hill was released as part of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's public relations effort. The text of that release notes the face-like hill;
Quote -

Caption of JPL Viking Press Release P-17384

(213) 354-6000
Viking 1-61
P-17384 (35A72)
PHOTO CAPTION July 31, 1976

This picture is one of many taken in the northern latitudes of Mars by
the Viking 1 Orbiter in search of a landing site for Viking 2.

The picture shows eroded mesa-like landforms. The huge rock formation
in the center, which resembles a human head, is formed by shadows
giving the illusion of eyes, nose and mouth. The feature is 1.5
kilometers (one mile) across, with the sun angle at approximately
20 degrees. The speckled appearance of the image is due to bit errors,
emphasized by enlargement of the photo. The picture was taken on July
25 from a range of 1873 kilometers (1162 miles). Viking 2 will arrive
in Mars orbit next Saturday (August 7) with a landing scheduled for
early September.

Above Pic: the Cedonia Face on Mars
After this comment was released, some people argued, mostly in the non-scientific faction, that the face-like hill is artificial. Although there are many other features of the Mars' Surface that are raised as matters of contention, none commands public interest as does the "Face.
It has been rumoured that there has been official tampering with the images to discredit any suspicion of strange happenings.The documentary clip below shows much evidence to support this, dealing with the cases of the Cedonia Face, and also some UFO - Like images that appeared too.
NASA & JPL released news in 1976 that they had found evidence of possible life in the past on the Planet Mars, in the form of a rock sample brought all the way from Mars. Almost a quarter of a century later in 1998, the first photo of the cedonia face was released, but after jpl had got through with "enhancing" with the photo, which came to be known as the "Catbox Image" there was nothing at all left to see! This obviously seems to have been their intent.
However, not only NASA and JPL were involved as imaging experts with the analysis of the 1998 photographs; Dr. Tom Van Flandern (Astronomical Editor - Meta Research Bulletin), made the following statement on Quantum television news release.
"The image that JPL released to the media in 1998 is not at all a faithful representation of even the raw data, let alone of what is actually there. Image processing experts who have now treated the image properly, have shown me that it does indeed look very much like a hominid (humanoid) face. When we got the original image of the face in 1976, there was always the possibility that it was just a trick of light and shadow, or something that was an accident of nature. When we got the high resolution image, to our amazement, all of the secondary features were there too. Eyebrow, irises, nostrils and lips, with the correct size, shape, location and orientation to be 'Portrayals of a Humanoid face'.
Thje odds against each of those happening by accident range from one in ten to one in ten thousand. When you put them together, the odds against all of them being accidents of Nature, are a hundred billion billion to one! - Based on the results of the test, the object IS artificial beyond a reasonable doubt "

Since the Mars Global Surveyor began to take pictures of Mars in 1977, tens thousands of pics of Mars' Surface werte taken. But Dr. mailen and Mailen Scientific, who were the ones with the chief contract for the camera - only released pictures in dribs and drabs over many years. But when Arizona Senator John McCaine threatened with hell breaking loose in a "Day of Reckoning" if it came to light that Nasa was witholding vital information either from the Congress, or from the American taxpayer, JPL suddenly released 9 new Cedonia images on the Mars, some over 2 years old.Ove a period of time 60 thousand pictures were released. Many anomilies and amazing discoveries began to unfold.
For example, sitting on top of a cliff that is over a mile high in what is often compared to be the Martian equivalent of the grand canyon (Vallis Marineris), is something which considerably resembles a flying saucer.

Discussion of the Face on Mars
Malin Space Systems


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