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Living next to the "Sorceror's Apprentice"

The Sorceror's Apprentice & Other Magickal places of Interest to the discerning Practitioner of the Art.
The town of Leeds, in the County of West Yorkshire, North England, is well known as a center for Magickal/Spiritual/Esoteric social meeting places, open forums, debate opportunities and sheer widespread popularity of "treading the path of Knowledge" (practicing your Magick) with the inhabitants in this town. Wizards, Witches Covens,Druids, Shamen, Rosicrucian, Templars, Masonic, Hermetic can find not only all practitioners of all of these different "Occult" traditions, but also, you can find access to any of these knowledge/Power-Sciences, through the many different social events and Magickal celebrations that occur throughout the year, and also through the Various Organisations and Societys/Groups who publish their existence as a legal Entity and proclaim their intent to practise their Belief systems/Religions in freedom as their Sacred Right.
Leeds University has a well attended Occult Society with regular meetings and lectures on magick and it's practical application. I myself was lucky enough to have attended a lecture on wicca and the "Gardnerian Tradition"
Of course, with so many different schools of thought and different methods for practising the various forms of the Craft of Magick, there had to be also a source of supplies and ritual paraphernalia and literature to cater to all the needs of the various schools of the Craft
As i was in my late teens, i had a complete fascination and dedication for the Magickal Arts.Since i realized that i lived just round the corner from one of the Occult World's biggest sources of Magickal necessities such as ritual instruments, and ingrediants for spells and incenses, "The Sorceror's Apprentice" - Masterminded by O.T.O. member Chris Bray, i decided to take the opportunity to visit often and hang around the shop to see what i could pick up on.
Not surprisingly, one got to chatting often and many things were discussed that left one leaving the shop reeling with some new perspective on the world gained from the psycho-rebirth attained by the magick of what was happening around you in a world that your other human companions around you could not percieve in the slightest.I got to studying ritual Magick of the Hermetic varieties (key of Solomon the King, Eliphas Levi, Qabala, Egyptian, Astral travel). After visiting many times at the Sorceror's Apprentice, i was able to obtain an authentic ritual sword with runes inscribed on the blade and guard/pommel. The hand guard of the sword was a wolf with outstretched paws and a hagiz rune on it's foreheade\. It was from a sussex coven and had an age of 140 years old.I took that to stonehenge for the summer solstice of 1984 to open the circle and call the four quarters with. That sword is long gone, i don't know where to, but it had a few adventures with me i must say.I hope that sword fares well, wherever it is now.
It showed me how a man can be many things, depending on himself.
It showed me it's magic where 8 people against me alone permitted me to take that very sword, which they had stolen, back from them.The sword lent me power to face them off.At first, they refused to give it to me, then i said, "OK. just let me hold it one more time; they agreed and as i took it in my hands the power of the wolf spirit that was in the sword spoke to me and said "well then, will you let thes fools just take your sword from you (you who consider yourself a warrior)? like candy from a baby?"
And i realized that i had a meter more-long sword in my hands, i told the bunch of thieves that if they wanted the sword, then they should take it from me, stood up and left the house saying "if you want it come and get it! i shall be strolling down the street.Nobody followed.
That sword was as if it had a life of it's own - I used it to carve runes in the air and cast with, and draw the circle of the four quarters.It is the Ritual weapon of Raphael the Archangel of the Eastern Quarter
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The Sorceror's Apprentice
Paranormal Secrets From Most Haunted Psychics
Pagan Federation North East Conference
When: Saturday 10th May 2007, 9:45am - 5.00pm
Where: Swarthmore Education Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, LEEDS LS3 1AD

Speakers Include

Emma Restall Orr (AKA Bobcat ) - Sex, Bones and Spirit: What are Pagan Ethics?
Izzy - Sound Healing
Ralph and Alan - The Old Religion flourishes still! (Odinism)
Workshops Include
The role of the masculine in modern Pagan culture
Wand making
Plus Stalls & Tarot Reading

International Occult & Pagan Networks

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